International Standards

Following the issue of the European regulation CE 1606/2002 (in Italy implemented with D.Lgs n°38 of 25th of February 2005) all the Companies listed on the regulated markets, starting from the 1st of January 2005, have to draw up their financial balance sheets according to the International Standards IAS ( International Accounting Standard) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). Concerning the Companies listed on U.S. markets, the standards used for the financial reports are so-called US GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The know-how of the Studio in this area is of great importance; these standards have been analyzed even before their emanation by the Pension Commettee (already mentioned in the Pension Funds/Welfare Area). Thanks to the experience gained, we have collaborated with the intra-counselling Pension Funds Commission in order to produce the Guide Lines about IAS 19. In the operational field, our first balance sheets valuations date back to 2002 with reference to the Companies ( especially foreign Companies) that wanted to adopt the above mentioned standards before the law impositions.

Up to now, the Studio has more than 250 Companies Clients, and among them there are some very important multinational Groups to which the Studio offers:

  • FAS 158 (ex 87) VALUATIONS