About us

The actuarial consulting company Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati was founded by Stefano Visintin in 2000 and is currently composed of eleven people. The Firm offers services in the following fields: statistics, actuarial, risk management and in the implementation of control / management systems, in a national and international context.
The experiences of Members and collaborators are varied and complementary to each other. The firm also avails itself of external support in the financial, accounting / fiscal and legal / regulatory fields, in such a way as to be able to respond to the various needs of customers, ensuring a wide range of services.
The Firm’s consultancy is aimed at Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Retirement and Assistance Institutions, Banks, as well as Companies and Groups outside the insurance, Welfare and / or financial markets on specific evaluation issues

Stefano Visintin
(Founder – Senior manager)
Alberto Lonza
(Senior manager)
Giovanni Sammartini
(Senior manager)
Andrea Tamaro
(Senior manager)
Alice Bonazza
Alessandro Lorenzetto
Andrea Maneri
Roberto Bruni
Luca Maio
Nicola Piras
Consuelo Cleva

  The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is partner of MIB School of Management. The Studio collaborates above all in the Masters in Insurance and Risk Management and in the events of the insurance / financial sector.

The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is member of GAPS, a global network of experienced experts on retirement plans, savings plans and other employee benefits who collaborate to deliver international projects. The network, currently covering 38 countries plus international plans, offers a full range of actuarial, consulting and pensions administration services, and is represented in most European and North American centres.