About us

The actuarial consulting company Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati was founded by Stefano Visintin in 2000 and is currently composed of ten people (nine totally in-house and an external collaborator). The Firm offers services in the following fields: statistics, actuarial, risk management and in the implementation of control / management systems, in a national and international context.
The experiences of Members and collaborators are varied and complementary to each other. The firm also avails itself of external support in the financial, accounting / fiscal and legal / regulatory fields, in such a way as to be able to respond to the various needs of customers, ensuring a wide range of services.
The Firm’s consultancy is aimed at Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Retirement and Assistance Institutions, Banks, as well as Companies and Groups outside the insurance, Welfare and / or financial markets on specific evaluation issues

Stefano Visintin
(Founder – Senior manager)
Alberto Lonza
(Senior manager)
Giovanni Sammartini
(Senior manager)
Alessandro Lorenzetto
Andrea Maneri
Sabrina Giugliano
Andrea Tamaro
Alice Bonazza
Roberto Bruni
Nicola Piras
Consuelo Cleva

  The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is partner of MIB School of Management. The Studio collaborates above all in the Masters in Insurance and Risk Management and in the events of the insurance / financial sector.

The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is member of GAPS, a global network of experienced experts on retirement plans, savings plans and other employee benefits who collaborate to deliver international projects. The network, currently covering 38 countries plus international plans, offers a full range of actuarial, consulting and pensions administration services, and is represented in most European and North American centres.