Stefano Visintin


    • Member of Pension Committee which is part of “Actuarial Association of Europe” on behalf of NationalCouncil of Actuaries
    • Coordinator of Intercouncil Commission about Pension Funds (National Council and National Order of Actuaries)
    • Member of Intercouncil Commission about auditors certificates (National Council and National Order of Actuaries)
    • Appointed Auditor Actuary
    • Appointed Actuary MTPL for the Group Allianz S.p.A. (activity in exclusive for such Group)


Stefano Visintin
(Founder – Senior manager)
Alberto Lonza
(Senior manager)
Giovanni Sammartini
(Senior manager)
Alessandro Lorenzetto
Andrea Maneri
Sabrina Giugliano
Andrea Tamaro
Alice Bonazza
Roberto Bruni
Consuelo Cleva