Pension Funds and Welfare

Nowadays Pension Funds and Welfare areas have an enormous social and economics importance for our country, as the guarantees and the welfare guarantees decrease while needs increase more and more. Therefore, the so-called “second pillar” and “first pillar” private Pension Fund Organizations will play an increasingly significant role, dealing with complex problems, in this situation the actuarial and financial aspects will be predominant; the above will also apply to the so called “Sanitary Funds”, sector with a rapid development. Thanks to the experience achieved in national and international area ( the Founder of the Studio is the Italian delegate of the National Council of Actuaries, which is part of Groupe Consultatif des Associations d’Actuaries des Pays des Communautes Europeenes; he is also Coordinator of the Pension Funds Committee – National Association and Council of Actuaries) let the Studio offers to the market a wide range of services with high qualitative standard, in order to deal efficiently the problems of this sector.
In particular, the services of the Studio are focused on Negotiable and Open Pension Funds, on pre-existent” Pension Funds, in addition to the obligatory Social security funds, Health and Welfare Funds can be summarised as follows: