The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is member of GAPS, a global network of experienced experts on retirement plans, savings plans and other employee benefits who collaborate to deliver international projects. The network, currently covering 14 countries plus international plans, offers a full range of actuarial, consulting and pensions administration services, and is represented in most European and North American centres.


The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is partner of Mefop SpA (Society for the Development of the Pension Fund Market), founded by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance with the aim of studying, interpreting and promoting the culture of welfare, and also the training, assistance and promotion of supplementary pension funds. It has within it the participation in various capacities of a wide range of pension funds, health funds as well as asset management companies, custodian banks, insurance companies and service companies.


The Studio Attuariale Visintin & Associati  is partner of MIB School of Management. The Studio collaborates above all in the Masters in Insurance and Risk Management and in the events of the insurance / financial sector.